Office Practice Policies

  • Same day, Evening and Weekend Services: As a patient of Monark Medical you are able to access appointments for urgent issues same day or next day. We have several Primary Care Practitioners on each day and are able to accommodate you with the next available practitioner for urgent issues.  We also have weekend services available on a walk in basis for urgent matters.
  • Please do not attend outside walk in clinics as you are a rostered patient at this practice as the Ministry of Health penalises the clinic if patients attend outside clinics. It is permissible to attend the Emergency Room.
  • Medications and prescription Refills – Please bring your medications to your appointment to review. OHIP expects that prescriptions repeats are done at the time of your office visit with your doctor. 
  • Results of Tests – After you have a test (blood test etc), make sure you call the clinic to book a follow-up visit to discuss the results.
  • Regular appointments are scheduled for 10 minutes. Given this time constraint please ask for one or two concerns to be addressed at a visit and make further appointments for other concerns. This ensures that the physician can deal with concerns in a safe and comprehensive manner.
  • Annual General Physicals were discontinued in 2012 by the Ministry of Health and were replaced with Periodic Health Reviews. These visits deal with a wide range of preventative health issues and the tests ordered and examination conducted is focussed and age specific.
  • Forms- All forms must be brought in personally at an appointment. Please book a specific appointment for forms as they take time and cannot be combined with other issues.  While some forms are OHIP funded, the majority are not and the fee must be paid at the time of completion.  Please discuss any financial hardship with the physician who may authorize a discount in some circumstances.
  • Uninsured Services – OHIP does not pay for many of the services that you may request from your doctor such as insurance forms, sick notes, adoption forms, drivers’ medicals etc. Our fees for uninsured services are in line with the guidelines posted by the Ontario Medical Association. Please understand that we do not accept cash or personal cheques at the clinic. We accept debit/ interact and all major visa cards.
  • In order to help the doctor provide optimum care please have no more than one family member in the consultation room with you. This allows less interruption and enhances your privacy.
  • Due to patient and staff allergies please refrain from wearing perfumes when attending the office. It is appreciated if smokers refrain from smoking for some time prior to attending the clinic as smoke odours linger.
  • If you have any issues/ complaints/concerns/ suggestions please feel free to ask to speak to the Manager. All information will be treated in confidence and it will in no way affect your care.
  • Our practise is a group practice. This type of practice allows us to provide you seven-day care. For urgent matters please see the next available doctor. However, if you wish to see a specific doctor please give adequate time for the appointment. We will always try to accommodate your request as soon as possible but keep in mind that some doctors are busier than others.
  • For regular screening, it is advised that pap tests are done usually every three years. Colon Cancer Screening is offered at age 50 onwards as are mammograms. Please check with the doctor if you are up-to-date with these and other preventative care (vaccinations etc.).
  • Harassment: We have a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of harassment/abusive behaviour towards any office staff, nurses, doctors or other patients. This includes verbal, physical harassment and any abusive communications via phone/email. This will be grounds for immediate removal of the patient from the medical practice.