Rx Refills

Need a prescription renewal? Call 519-620-7044.  You can also send us a message at mmrenewrx@gmail.com  Messages are checked twice a day Monday – Friday. You must enter the exact name of the medication and dose you require and confirm your pharmacy. List each individual medication that you need renewed. (do not say “all”) Without this information your prescription will not be completed. We will have your Rx at your pharmacy within 24 to 48 hours.
The emails are NOT reviewed over the weekend and will be responded to on the next business day following the weekend.  This contact e-mail is only for renewing your prescription. We are not able to refill controlled substances. It is up to the doctors discretion if they can refill medications without seeing you.

If this is an emergency please go to ER. Please refrain from using urgent care clinics as you are an enrolled member of the practice and have signed a contract agreeing not to do so.